Body building refers to your time and effort of building muscle mass in your body. As with most exercise sessions, body building requires a holistic way to achieve success. That, coupled with some beneficial tips will get you well along the way of having your body you’ve always thought of.

Body building Tip 1

Get a journal, weigh yourself and note both your current body dimensions and bodyweight. Get with a trainer (certified) or do your research if needed; consult with your physician to make sure there are no underlying symptoms or conditions that might prevent you from strting your bodybuilding journey. Set practical, attainable goals and draft a concise plan for the body building system – Track and monitor your progress each time. Identify a fitness center/instructor where you can exercise and if that’s not feasible, you can always create a mini workout at home center.


The basic equipment you need are as follows:
  • Jump Rope (Best for indoors cardio)
  • Set of Dumbbells with Set of Weights (You can get used ones at low prices)
  • Barbell (Get it if you have a weight bench for doing bench press)
  • Pull-up Bar (Essential for building upper body strength)
  • Cushion (To provide cushion for your knees)
  • Weight Bench (Optional as you can do Dumbbell exercises on the floor too)
  • Treadmill (Only if you don’t want to go outside or don’t have anywhere nearby for jogging)
Start by doing the basic/beginner’s exercise regimen to construct your body’s strength and work your way to intermediate levels.

Body building Tip 2

The basic concept of body building is about building muscles within your body.

This can be achieved by a variety of methods that include-

A- First of all, increasing the intake of your calorie to allow for lean muscle building,

B- Conditioning the muscle by adopting the correct type of exercise in an adequate amount,

C- Allowing your body plenty of rest at intervals to enable for an effective muscle building process to take place in the body .

Ideally, your workout plan should be limited to 1 hour daily, giving yourself a break of every other day, or even a 2 days of total rest for the body in the week.


Body building Tip 3

Since the first step in the process of building muscle is increasing your calorie intake, you’ll need to increase the consumption of foods like :

Fats, carbohydrates, Proteins, and water in your daily healthy food diets.

As a healthy rule, about 20 to 30% of your daily diet should come from fat, 20 to 50% from protein rich food and 30 to 60% from carbohydrate based foods. All these contribute to your increased bodyweight.

When increasing your calorie consumption, do it gradually, starting from around 350 to 550 calories daily, and then increasing it if needed per your result

Did you know that you can actually boost your body weight by adding the following to your diet plan?

Health supplements and some protein powders.

It is important to note that the combination of both healthy diet and workout usually generate the best and effective result. A healthy diet should always include 1) adequate intake of fluid, preferably water. This helps flush out toxins build up. 2) Sufficient amount of fiber to aid in the digestion of all the increased food intake that’ll be happening in the process of bodybuilding.

Also, it is advisable to eat small portions of food at regular intervals, rather than a big massive meal in one go. This applies even if you are not trying to build muscles.

Body building Tip 4

Never dive into any workout without first warming up. When starting your workout session, carry out exercises that work on at least 2 or more muscle types at a time. This action stimulates the bodybuilding process at faster pace.

Be sure to include a mild heavy weight lifting, depending on your size and fitness level. Do not overdo it. Just lift enough weight as your strength permits.

Dumbells are also a great muscle building add-ons. There are differnt variety of adjustable dumbell set you can use to complement your fitness level

A workout regimen, when done correctly, ultimately gives the desired muscle bodybuilding result.

Injuries can be prevented by ensuring the following:

Adopting and maintaing the right posture; knowing your limit when it comes to lifting the different weights, always go by your level of fitness when carrying weights; take time to rest your body, so your muscles can heal on time during the bodybuilding process.

If you have an instructor, make sure he or she is there to guide you through some challenging exercises or workouts.



Body building Tip 5

Relax and focus. Get adequate sleep daily. And if you are unable to meet your daily goal, don’t beat yourself up.

Have the peaceful mindset- Tomorrow is another day to give it a go.

Reward yourself for accomplished tasks and be sure to check your daily fitness journal to put into perspective how far you’ve come along.

Remember to give yourself a Hi 5 ever so often. You deserve it.